How To Heal Cancer #5 Cryotherapy

Ewwwh! This is one of my absolute all time favorite things! It is so hard to make myself do, but the benefits are amazing! It is a bit pricey, but it worth saving for. Plus, you can normally find good deals on Groupon.

Cryotherapy is a great way to balance your hormones and lower the load on your immune system. It does all the things. It really helped me detox heavy metals and thus reduce my Candida. When you have heavy metals in your body all the bad things stick to them like parasites and Candida. It is basically a way to make the bad things in your body have a more comfortable place to grow. It puts them at ease while creating dis-ease in you. Removing the heavy metals from the toxic world we live in huge! Everyone needs to take Chorella and Spirulina tabs. They have saved my life. However, when I was really sick with cancer and autoimmune diseaseS in Las Vegas, Cryotherapy saved my life.

I recommend doing multiple things along with Cryotherapy. Healing modalities seems to have a multiplied effect, rather than just adding to each other. Herbs and drugs multiple with each other when taken together. They do not just add to the effect of each other. All healing seems to be like this.

So if you are going to do Cryotherapy do it in a fasted state, and take some antifungals too. Red light is often offered at the place that do Cryotherapy or they have saunas. Do all the things. The more you do the less your body will have to do.

Love Always

Nicole Graves

P.S. Do a cold rinse when you finish your showers, it helps your hormones and supports your immune system. Make sure and get the cold water on the base of your skull, this will help calm you down and get you into your para sympathetic whatever.

Also, cold water plunges or swimming in cold water also is great for you.

Cryotherapy helps tighten loose skin too!

Just get cold!

Saunas followed by cold showers are amazing as well!

Stress your body with changes in temperature and it will get stronger!

Are you taking a multivitamin yet? If not, why not? Get one with Omega 3 and DHA!