How To Heal Cancer #6 Sauna & Cold Showers

Saunas mixed with cold showers are magical. I don’t really have much of the science behind it, but I do know it does wonders for your stress response, balancing your hormones, removing toxins and heavy metals thus supporting your liver and allowing it to heal. Removing heavy metals and supporting your liver are two of the most revolutionary things you can do in order to prevent cancer and chronic illness.

Prevention is the name of the game. We should all think of ourselves as preventing cancer. It allows for us to be more proactive in our healing process rather than waiting for disease to come before we take action. Disease is guaranteed in the world we live in. It is not a question of if, it is just the question of when. If we all take action like we are having to work towards preventing cancer we will have way more luck with our health because we will take it seriously. You are not helpless over your health if you take actions to support your body.

Life is about choices. Make the choices that support the reality you want to live in. The little steps and actions you take in your daily life are the key to making your dreams come true or your nightmares a reality. Choose wisely, but choose not to live in fear. Take charge of your own life and reality.

Love Always

Nicole Graves