How To Heal Cancer #7 Heavy Metal Detox

Just as we inherit bacteria, parasites, and viruses from our Mother and Grandmother, we also inherit heavy metals. And our Mother and Grandmother inherit them from their Mother and Grandmother. So, it is a domino effect. Perhaps, these are the biological roots to generational trauma in the physical body.

As the generation continue and our heavy metal load is increased, we become less able to utilize our brains and bodies. I did not realize I was a genius until I did years of heavy metal cleansing. However, I am sure my heavy metal load was more intense than most because lead was how they dumbed me down as a child and throughout my life. But they do this to all of us on a smaller scale to keep us manageable, small, and diseased.

Have you ever drank tap water? Have you ever showered in unfiltered water? Have you ever had shots or an immunization? Have you ever eaten processed foods? Have you ever lived in a house with paint? Have you ever had dental work done? Have you ever eaten rice grown in California? Have you ever been outside when an airplane was flying overhead? Have you ever been to a gas station? Have you ever been on an airplane? Have you ever smoked? If you answered yes to any of these than you have heavy metals and need to detox.

Our world and lives are filled with heavy metals. There really is no escaping them all, unless you want to live in a bubble. However, you just need to help your body to detox the metals it is exposed to on a daily basis. This means cleaning out the heavy metals that are stored in your body that you have inherited and collected throughout your life.

There are many different avenues you can take to detox heavy metals, but since we are doing the work for many generations that came before us I suggest the firefighter Niacin sauna detox. There are many different variations, but the results are amazing no matter what in my experience.

Brief Overview:  Start with 50-100 mg of Niacin on empty stomach, start exercising for 30 min, enter sauna for 30-60 min, take 4-5  capsules of activated charcoal (500 mg), take shower.

I started this protocol when I was in Las Vegas. Full disclosure I have never done the exercise part, but I am sure it adds greatly to the results. When I started I did not have a sauna, so I used a hot detox bath instead. Even without the exercise and sauna this protocol helped me walk again. My hips and back were a mess from PCOS, heavy metals, and candida. This protocol helps with all of these. When I took activated charcoal for the first time, I realized I did not have anxiety I just had toxins in my blood stream. Like I said this protocol is life changing. My white bed sheets turned purple when doing this protocol in Arizona when I was using a sauna. So, do no skimp on the activated charcoal, it can save your sheets.

Also, another way to detox heavy metals is by taking chorella and spirulina tabs everyday. I did this for months during quarantine when in Arizona and this is when I realized how smart I was. Chorella draws metals out of your brain. Also, I was mixing in cilantro which also helps remove metals from the body and brain. Plus, Diatomaceous earth food grade is something I am a big fan of and it works on heavy metals too.

Heavy metal detox is something that is a long term process. Even now I still feel better when I do the things. I do not think there is a limit to how much we can cleanse our bodies when we are making up for all the generations that have come before us. Perhaps, it is just something we need to view as a life long process. Health and healing seem to be that way. Once I learn something it is never really something I do once and am done with. It is something I add to my collections of tools to continue to utilize.

Start heavy metal cleansing today because you do not know how smart you are till you have removed some of the heavy metals from your brain and body.

Love Always

Nicole D Graves

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